Elephant Rock in Kerala

Elephant Rock

Elephant rock in Trivendrum in Kerala Situated at Poover Island

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Enjoying the moment


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मनमोहन तेरे राज में

जेब कतरी

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Life of four hours

It was a beautiful morning of February 2013 after stopping rain of two days. I was on scooter searching of a shop to buy some piece of buns. Suddenly I watched a parrot died on the side of road. I stopped my scooter to keep its body safe on the side of road. I saw that it was alive and injured. I picked it up and turns back scooter towards to home. I told my mom that I saw this type of accident after rain with parrot second time. My mom suggested me to keep down in warm light of sun.

injured parrot1

Before taking the sun light

injurred parrot2

After taking an hour of sun light recharged for some minutes and died after an hour !!!!!

Two Years ago, I also caught a child of parrot after a heavy rain fall. But It was died after certain hour and unfortunately this one was injured so much in its mouth.

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Pay Less and get more Talktime



In those days, telecommunication industry is only one which is growing day by day. Mobile subscribers are getting new offer daily and enjoying every moment with latest mobile technology. Sulekha.com which a nationwide family site for shopping has launched a portal for mobile recharge and giving more talk-time on every recharge as introductory use. If you want to recharge your mobile top-up use Sulekha mobiles and enjoy more talk time.

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Online Free Dictionaries


If you are searching words and their meaning in paper dictionary and consuming your time.I am here to share some online dictionaries which free over internet and updated daily with proper and latest definition for easy understanding. There are lot of online free word meaning websites and have different-2 explanation of word and meanings. We are listed some famous websites which are useful and also costless.

  • Babylon- Babylon is online and automatic word detection service from Babylon.com. You can translate single line,phrases,words by just selecting it.By using this service you can find meaning of any word by just right click on it. Click here to enable in your browser
  • Reference.com- It is an online service. You can find latest words and definition by visiting on this site. Click here to find a meaning
  • Oxford Online- It is an online version of famous Oxford Dictionaries. You can find lot of things on this websites about English language with some tips and puzzles for mind entertainment.
  • DictionaryBoss.com - This is toolbar based service but it very similar to Babylon.com. You can find word by single click and search word by toolbar. It is connected with famous dictionary services. You can search in most of the online services by just single search.
  • Google Translate- Google Translate is also an online and free translation service from Google. It is also in multiple language. It is daily and automatic update and show the word and meaning which is authenticated by users of Google from time to time as correct explanation and translation.

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Prepare Yourself for IBPS PO interview- Guide and Study Material


If you are bank aspirant then you should setup your mind that this interview will repeat after minimum one year.  You should effort with heart and hand. If you are self preparing about the interview and taking guidance from the professional coaching center. You should keep in mind that coaching center information does not complete your interview preparation. A bank interview is check of your attitude about the bank or banking and as a career perspective.  You are joining Bank as a officer, this is also an indication that interview has a variety. Every bank interview check these things.

  • Your attitude about yourself- You should make your mind very confident and feel proud on your education,degree and effort to pass the banking entrance.  You should not feel bad about your ranking and marks in exam and does not need to show it before interview panel. Because there is no one who want to get excuse on your low ranking and marks.
  • Attitude about Banking- Banking is public service and you will face different kind of people. Some will favor and some not. You should create an attitude to tackle these different –2 people. Interviewer also put some condition before you to check your attitude. Some people can shout on you and some people have no knowledge about banking procedure. You should prepare yourself to tackle these kind of people.
  • Full Basic Knowledge of Banking- You should prepare yourself about banking and banking term and usable criteria.You should keep aware about banking news in your interview month. Because you can also get situational question on that news and want to get your thinking. e.g.- Banks will issue new high security cheque book to customer.
  • Basic Questions- You should know about your family completely from date-of-birth to education and job of every person. You should keep aware about there job and career perspective. You should have also a good reason to join banking, if you are first in your family.
  • Read Previous Interview and Contact a Bank Employee- If you are ready to join Banking sector and prepare yourself as previous points. You should also spend some days not day to furnish your interview skills by reading some previous interview.You can read interview on different banking blogs or in different books. You can also refer this book for as interview guide. Buy it from Flipkart. You should get banking environment and latest interview pattern from a bank employee.  They will give you a perfect scenario of interview panel. If you have no contact of Banking professional then you should follow a book. Check Interview here

Some Interview Tips-

  • Write down on paper your introduction before interview panel either Hindi or English. It depends on them,in which language they will greet you. Don’t hesitate to transfer you verbal communication from English to Hindi, because language does not matter.  But prepare yourself without stammering.
  • Write down every banking term definition and prepare in proper manner and make it complete with cross-questioning
  • Collect information about city,parents and their job profile.
  • Write down all possible answer and prepare with your best.

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My Rabbit Eating Plant- A Drawing

my rabbit eating plant

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Meaning of Subhas Tomar Death?


I am 24 year old but I do not consider myself as youth of India.Because, Our youth is so much frustrated by survival condition. It was a brutal incidence of Gang-Rape of a girl in moving bus and brutal reaction by the youth. I always disagree with these fake and propagated protest by Some NGOs and voluntary reaction of youth by showing support. I have write too much about Rape and our society. I am outside from the protest, that’s not mean that I am a supporter of rapist.  I knew that  such death will be held either by accident or by projected.  There are several reason behind it.

  • Politics- Most of political leader leave alone congress on Raisena Hills to enjoy the throne . No one want to comment on it and about this protest. They wanted to damage the political picture of Congress and UPA.
  • Violence and Police Reaction V/S Public Reaction – Violence is only cause which can polarize any protest. Society creates many group which may or may not be supporter of violence. Ramdev Anshan is recent example.Violence makes police reactive. I am focusing on Violence either from police side or from protester side.
  • Move the Direction-  Delhi Police has cleverly moved this Gang-Rape to Death of Subhas Tomar.  It was not a first time. It always happens. It is a result that every protest can generate some situation but never generate result.

After the Death of Subhas Tomar?

  • Now it is clear that eight youth who got arrest , they have lost all not only from society but also from yourself.
  • The main agenda behind the arrest is to create an environment to not to support any protest and want to give a message to that youth who have zero knowledge of politics.
  • There is no doubt that police was waiting of some happening to polarize the protester. It is a very shameful that Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare like people are not fighting for these eight people.
  • Court will give benefit of doubt one day but can’t say about that year. Baba Ramdev who talk too much on a lady death in his Anshan and no comment on these eight people. If you are fighting then death is certain and no one is responsible.

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Who is Secular? Congress, BJP,SP,BSP


This tone is very old in India. The concept of Indianism ( like भारतमाता के पुत्र) is also very old. In all the time, it failed but not completely because it necessity but not a hard necessity . This post is about secularism in India. In India, there is a voice all-around in India to prove a true secularist.Congress and BJP are old player of this game and Mayawati is very new and Mulayam is mid Player of this field.

In India, Secular has meant as to favor minority and minority means Muslims. India is most powerful democratic country, it shows that Modi gets Hat-trick in Gujrat, and people washed out Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh on the issue of misuse of public funds in statues. But it is a upper side of election scenario.In Uttar Pradesh Election, Congress played a googly in community of Muslims by providing reservation from Other Backward Classes .Mulayam also announced in his manifesto to provide18% reservation for minority.But after approx. one year, he did no take any action because he can’t.  It is not a single example of communalism in India. A BJP who is also telling that they are secular in their voice, stood on the name of “Ayodhya Mandir” which generated new political dimensions in India.  Mulayam grabbed the Muslims vote bank after the communal violence in Uttar Pradesh and BJP opened the door of Parliament for itself as majority in LokSabha.

Most of the people who do not understand the “Secular”. They understand itself as favor all religion of society is secularism.But secular is a technical term which separate the intellect thinking from spiritualty and Secularism and secular state are also a technical term which separate government/institution from religion.

But in India, A voter has super power due to this political party has divided into uncountable parts. Every year we are getting a new separation like in Student (GEN,OBC(Creamy or Non-Creamy),SC,ST, BPL,APL, Political Parents, Class A services Parent etc.). It is true that political party are using this discrimination to target the voter that’s why most of people do not want to tell against their representatives. Because they are getting benefit by their own hand. For any govt. not necessary to think that beneficiary is right or not.

Most of the people, even Hindus thinks that BJP is more communal than others. When I read several incident in different old archive of magazine. I found many reason and fault in BJP strategies.

  • Rise of BJP was being due to “Ayodhya Matters” because RSS and VHP like big Hindu group had become handicap to solve it and congress are using it continuously rather than to solve it.
  • Most of tense environment is created by Congress and BJP just caught their. e.g. Congress sent this matter to judiciary by opening the gate of temple by Rajiv Gandhi.
  • BJP appeared in those days as political wing of RSS. Most of statement of RSS and BJP also proved this fact.
  • BJP wanted to create a milestone in history of India by creating a temple by demolishing the mosque as Somnath Temple by Sardar Patel. Recent Documentry in Amar Ujala also shows that Modi was the master mind behind this.
modi and ayodhya
  • A main reason is concept of majority-ness. According to this, We should feed to majority of society first ,after that we can easily feed minority as they want. Modi has applied this concept in Gujarat, effect and side effect has appeared in Gujarat also.  People has divided in two major parts just Rich and Poor both group have Hindu and Muslims. But it is the upper case of real situation.  People who have no resources either Hindu or Muslims can not bring forward by this majority-ness.

Conclusion- BJP and Congress has polarized the society in Hindu and Muslims. Both are fighting for their ego not for the country development. Because economic polices of both are based on LPG.They are not focusing on society development but treat society as dog and throwing a piece of bread as Jobs.Regional Parties are getting benefit and people are moving towards them. But their ideology is  also infected by BJP and Congress.

On the Representation of Constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Said, “It will be useless for people if people are not good who are using it.”

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